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Mingo Olmos

Cisco’s Duo Security, the leading multi-factor authentication (MFA) and Zero Trust for the Workforce provider, announced enhanced MFA support for Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS customers can add additional protection to their AWS Directory Service applications with Duo’s Push-based MFA in less than 10 minutes. Using the Duo MFA Quick Start for Directory Service, customers can easily deploy Duo MFA by automating hundreds of procedures into a single click. The Duo MFA Quick Start provides out-of-box MFA support for all applications authenticated through directory services such as AWS Managed Microsoft AD or AD Connector, thereby reducing integration and maintenance efforts.

Mingo Olmos

The security professional’s job has become an endless game of cat-and-mouse, continually pursuing invisible attackers that can out-think, out-run and outsmart most security systems. No matter how efficient and nimble the professionals are, the attackers are fast, too. And are getting faster every day. As a result, endpoints remain vulnerable. CylanceOPTICS provides a prevention-first approach to EDR that delivers automated machine learning, threat detection modules designed to uncover threats that would be nearly impossible to find with static behavior rules.

Turn on the nightly news or your favorite TV drama and you’re bound to hear mentions of a vast criminal underworld hidden in plain sight. All you need is a computer or mobile device to get there. This is the dark web. It’s home to hackers, scammers, malware developers and a whole host of other threat actors - some of which are even state-sponsored groups looking to weaponize intelligence. Learn what every cybersecurity professional needs to know about this vast underground network.