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Building a safe teleworking environment

Building a safe teleworking environment

Building a safe teleworking environment

In this period, organizations face immense challenges in terms of business continuity. But it is also a great opportunity to build the perfect remote environment and ensure employees have access to all the necessary resources to stay secure. In our previous blog posts, we talked about why and how cybercriminals are exploiting the outbreak of COVID-19 to their benefit and target businesses for financial gains. Now it is time we look at market solutions that will enable organizations to work efficiently no matter where their teams are with a superior, secure environment.

First, let’s overview why working from home might pose challenges to the entirety of businesses. Most organizations used to have IT departments that supervised the security of their employees. This becomes challenging as people work from home because IT departments lack visibility on whether their Wi-Fi network is secure, which websites they access, what type of documents they download, and more. On the other side of the spectrum, we have small to medium-sized enterprises that do not have IT departments to remediate in case an incident occurs.

To avoid falling victim to cybercriminals in a situation we face today, it is important to have a combination of cybersecurity software and services to control and manage threats. Today, cybersecurity providers offer MDR (Managed Detection and Response) services to organizations of all sizes that might lack either internal security tools, resources or expertise.

MDR services specialize in monitoring and detecting threats, alerting customers, identifying the scope and root-cause of incidents and providing actionable guidelines. These services offer a 24/7 coverage because cybercriminals don’t have a fixed working hour schedule and might attack organizations outside their business hours.

MDR services are outsourced services that allow external experts to provide you with the security benefits of market-leading tools such as EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response). By leveraging next-gen technology such as EDR and all of its telemetry, cybersecurity experts from a dedicated SOC (Security Operations Center) can monitor threats and activate a fast response to incidents.

Ackcent offers a wide range of managed detection and response services to allow organizations to add 24/7 dedicated threat monitoring, detection and response capabilities via a turnkey approach.

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