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Attack services

Discover Prevent Remediate

Minimize points of failure across technology, people, and processes before a malicious actor does.

How it works

By emulating malicious adversaries, we provide detailed guidance for remediation of cybersecurity weak points. We help your organization to be better protected and less vulnerable to attacks.





Emulate malicious adversaries and have visibility across your digital assets.


Identify exploitable weak points and receive detailed guidance for remediation of vulnerabilities to prevent attacks.


Reduce your attack surface and improve your security posture.

Our services

Services defined to discover cybersecurity weak points in existing technology, people, and processes.

Security Audits

Be aware of the most critical weaknesses of your digital environment.

Periodic Vulnerability Assessments

Identify, quantify, and rank vulnerabilities in your systems on a periodical basis.

Penetration Testing

Test your security controls to evaluate their effectiveness.

Attack Simulations

Evaluate your security posture in a continuous and repeatable way by emulating real-world attacks.

Web Application Assessments

Discover vulnerabilities in your web application environment and remediate them through actionable recommendations.

Mobile Application Assessments

Identify and remediate vulnerabilities in your mobile applications.

Cloud Applications Security Assessments

Identify and reduce the risk of attacks within your cloud environment.

API Security Assessments

Secure your API architecture with effective mitigation strategies against API attacks.

Secure Code Reviews

Review your code to remediate software vulnerabilities and improve your application security.

AppSec Security Programs

Get advice to develop Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) frameworks personalized to your specific needs.


Regain your peace of mind. Stop breaches before they even start.

Prevent cybersecurity incidents.

Remediate vulnerabilities of your critical systems.

Get expert advice to secure digital businesses.

Minimize your digital business's attack surface.

Meet your compliance requirements.

Industry recognition

Ackcent, the leading provider of MDR services
  • Hype cycle for managed detection and response
  • Hype cycle for security operations
  • Hype cycle for medium-sized companies
  • Hype cycle for managed IT services
Ackcent ranks first in Quality Perception

Ackcent recognized as a representative vendor in Gartner's Market Guide for Managed #Detection and #Response Services. With sustained growth above the industry average over the last three years, #Ackcent is consolidating its position in detection and response services on an international scale


Market Guide

“Highly specialized company in cybersecurity, thanks to the extensive technical knowledge of its engineers, which translates into a high perceived quality by its clients. Given the company's clear commitment to cloud architectures since its foundation, it provides added value in the market. The strategic plan continues to focus on growth and international expansion”.


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