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About Ackcent

Ackcent is specialized and exclusively dedicated to providing cybersecurity services and solutions. Our aim is to effectively protect the digital assets of our customers. With headquarters in Barcelona, Ackcent is specifically designed to adapt to each costumer’s particular cybersecurity needs, ensuring quality and project success.

With digital transformation, cybersecurity becomes more important than ever. Ackcent offers mission-critical services to detect, respond, and manage cyber-attacks, monitoring 24/7 security challenges that might take place both in public and private cloud environments through its continuous vulnerability intelligence products and cloud-managed security services.

Ackcent leverages its cybersecurity expertise to effectively integrate services and solutions to help companies to manage the most complex cybersecurity challenges.

Ackcent offers the right balance of experts, processes, and technologies to deliver the best spectrum of cybersecurity services to adapt to the flexibility and elasticity that businesses require.

Ackcent's origins

Curious to learn where the name Ackcent comes from?

Discover more about our name in this blog post.

Ackcent's story

Ackcent was founded with the aim to help combat cyber threats and build a more secure future. We follow this vision through continuous innovation and reinvented approach built on the latest breakthroughs.


Ackcent is founded in Barcelona, Spain


Launched Red Team services.


Launched Next-Gen SOC 24/7 services.


Launched AppSec services.


Acquired first 20 enterprise references.


Launched complete Detection and Response services.


Launched Cyber Intelligence services.


Named as an “Excellent Perceived Cybersecurity Provider“.


Acquired 100 enterprise references.


Acquired 200 enterprises and up to 1.200 SMBs references.


Launched new SOC (Security Operations Center) facilities.

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