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Managed Network Detection & Response: The visibility your network needs

Managed Network Detection & Response: The visibility your network needs

Connectivity is the essence of today's business environment. However, the technology that makes this possible also exposes us to a new set of risks.

Managed Network Detection & Response: The visibility your network needs

Connectivity is the essence of today’s business environment. However, the technology that makes this possible also exposes us to a new set of risks.  

From Man in the Middle (MitM) to Ransomware attacks, malicious actors target digital assets to steal, modify, or exploit the valuable data that organizations depend on. From a cybersecurity perspective, we need to bridge the gap between connectivity and vulnerability, ensuring a timely detection and response of all attacks.  

An effective way to gain visibility on how attackers breach and impact data is to monitor the network. Until now, the complexity and costly deployment of network monitorization has made it unattainable,  for many, to develop this crucial part of their security infrastructure.  

This has come to an end. 

As a partner member, we are excited to be able to make Verizon Network Detection and Response (NDR) available to all.  

The solution 

Verizon Network Detection and Response solution brings the future to network security, evolving traditional preventive methods to proactive detection and response. The NDR solution is consolidated in the Visualizer, a cloud-delivery platform that unifies network detection, full-packet forensics, and integrated response. 

How does Verizon NDR work? 

NDR performs comprehensive and deep threat searches and analysis, using machine learning, behavioral analysis, statistical modeling, and heuristics techniques. Moreover, it enables rapid detection-triage-response workflows.  

To achieve rapid incident response and remediation the solution performs:  

  • Correlation of the suspicious actions with the corresponding incident. 
  • Unique visualizations that allow analysts to capture large amounts of security data. 
  • Policy-based enforcement and workflows. 

 The retrospective detection capabilities combined with the indexing and retainment of fidelity packet captures allow threat hunters to quickly validate complex hypotheses.  The NDR platform offers practically limitless storage in the cloud and provides complete control of the data stored. 

Holistic protection 

Enabled by lightweight software sensors, the solution facilitates rapid deployment in almost any environment, including cloud, 5G, enterprise, or IoT.  The absence of hardware makes the solution an optimal tool to be deployed in resource-constrained network segments, such as industrial environments.  

Seamless integration 

The NDR platform smoothly integrates with firewalls, endpoints, SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), and SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response), allowing security analysts to respond and remediate threats from multiple fronts.   

Advanced intelligence  

The platform is enhanced with subscriptions to threat intelligence feeds and intrusion detection signatures. It is also strengthened with Verizon’s proprietary threat intelligence services (VTRAC and VTIPS) allowing a more powerful detection and response. 

Frictionless scale  

No matter the size of your enterprise, the platform’s cloud architecture enables you to scale. Globally, the NDR platform analyzes over 500 terabytes of network data and over 9 billion network connections daily, shedding light on over 1 million potential threats. All this data is then processed to improve the threat prioritization capabilities of the platform. 

A managed service 

Ackcent introduces Verizon’s NDR solution to our managed service portfolio.  Our security analyst will work as an extension of your team to provide you the expertise, resources, and, most importantly, the visibility needed to protect your network infrastructure.  

Our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services offer the turnkey, cloud-native, 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) that will enable you to monitor and protect your endpoint, cloud, network, and application environments.  

Our managed-NDR will protect your organization through: 

  1. Prevention: Monitor network traffic to prevent and detect anomalies. 
  1. Detection: Capture traffic to detect malicious network activity for threat monitoring and alert investigation. 
  1. Response: React fast to incidents with our security analysts working around the clock to assist your organization. 

Track the threats targeting your organization through our continuous monitoring and incident analysis which includes: 

  1. Customized insights: Access to personalized dashboards to visualize risk indicators, threat alerts, and security KPIs. 
  1. Continuous investigationAll investigations will be correlated with our intelligence database to provide you with the most up-to-date visibility. 
  1. Weekly follow-ups: Gain complete understanding of your risk and environment with our weekly analytics and reporting. 

Benefits of a Managed NDR service  

Ackcent’s management of this combined powerful solution will allow you to benefit from the following: 

  • Leverage our experience: Benefit from our team’s retained expertise in the analysis and resolution of threats, as well as knowledge of the customization and configuration of the technology.  
  • Maximize resources: free your team from the burden of daily network security activities so they can focus on your organization’s strategic goals. 
  • Eliminate distractions: Reduce the noise from alert overload and obtain actionable intelligence and effective threat prioritization. 
  • Build a strong partnership: Gain a reliable partner in your cybersecurity journey.  

Agile onboarding  

We have worked to make the onboarding process as seamless as possible. Following detailed guidance, you will deploy a machine to install the sensor agent. A traffic mirror copy will then be sent to the sensor machine network interface. Once this has been completed, visualization of network traffic will start, allowing for client-specific study and subsequent management of all detections. 

The onboarding process will consist of three steps. Ackcent’s guidance will be provided at all times: 

Together with Verizon, we will boost your network security for a better organizational defense. Verizon’s state-of-the-art technology at the hands of our experts will provide you with the agility, flexibility, and protection you need.  

To learn more about Managed Network Detection and Response, contact us.