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The rise of Emotet

What is Emotet Emotet is a multipurpose malware which is mainly distributed through spam mails. It was first spotted in 2014 and was designed to steal bank account details. Since then, there have been many different versions of the malware which include other functionalities such as malspam or delivery of other types of malware such as TrickBot or Ryuk. Emotet is back since early September, infecting devices through botnet attacks by sending out large quantities of emails.

Anna Zhvania
Ackcent receives MSSP Partner of the Year Award

On October 1st, Ackcent was recognized for outstanding growth in MSSP business by the BlackBerry Cylance Partner Program. BlackBerry partners around the globe gathered in London last Tuesday to attend the second annual Partner of the Year Awards for global ISVs and EMEA channel partners. Winners were selected due to their commitment, impact within the marketplace and utilization of Blackberry´s technologies. The Blackberry Partner of the Year Award is a flagship security conference taking place on a yearly basis.

José Miguel Colmena
Ackcent and Duo Security join forces to discuss multifactor authentication over Cyberlunch

Ackcent and Duo Security joined forces to share meaningful expertise in cybersecurity to our clients. Another edition of our Cyberlunch was held in Madrid, where we discussed Multifactor Authentication (MFA) over food and wine. Together with Duo experts and clients, we shared our experience and insights on how Duo helps us in our daily procedures and compliance with regulations such as PCI-DSS. Duo Security is an MFA solution based on Zero Trust principle by only trusting on users using 2FA before granting access to systems, gaining visibility over devices, ensuring device trustworthiness, enforcing access policies and enabling secure access to all applications from a central point.