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To be the best at anything requires a firm determination from the outset. And when that determination is accompanied by the belief that you have the potential to achieve your aim, you create an atmosphere that ends up colouring everything you do. It’s what experts in the field of business strategy call strategic intent (1). Essentially, hacking has a lot in common with the pleasure of learning, with the passion for achieving a deep knowledge and understanding of how things work, while enjoying the process.

Octavi Allué
Cloud forensic analysis, challenges and difficulties

Cloud services irruption such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform among others makes possible to confirm that it is one of the most revolving computer paradigms ever, delivering high dynamism and scalability to Information Technology solutions. As Google Trends service searches show, cloud computing is a growing trend by time goes on. Image 1. Cloud Computing trend at Google Trends However, despite those growing trends and opinions like Ramon Salvadó’s, Gnuine’s Information Technologies Senior Manager and Fútbol Club Barcelona provider stating that “Scalability, deployment and security offered by cloud platforms are key points for us and our customers.

ELK on a Raspberry Pi

Syslog inspection Installing ELK stack on a Raspberry Pi 3 Analysis of the logs with Kibana Looking at threat reports Conclusion 1. Syslog inspection Internet is full of bad guys that are constantly scanning all IP addresses looking for unpatched services, misconfigured servers, or simply gathering information from new targets. Most of those Internet scans are usually done by automated software, some of them are worms looking to spread.