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Laia Padró
Stay clean with this week’s tips on malware

Any device that has software can get infected with malware. Malware is software designed to perform malicious actions: bug you with unwanted ads, spy on you, encrypt your files and then demand a ransom, or even take over your device to be able to control it remotely and then use it to attack others. Check out this week’s tips!

José Miguel Colmena
Ackcent asiste un año más a Navaja Negra Conference

Ackcent estuvo presente esta pasada semana en la octava edición de Navaja Negra Conference , que tiene lugar en Albacete. Durante esos días asistimos a distintos talleres que se impartieron, así como de las charlas que se realizaron por parte de ponentes de la talla de David Meléndez, Josep Albors, Joaquín Molina, Rubén Rodenas, entre otros. Tampoco hay que olvidar el CTF que, como cada año, reta a los asistentes a encontrar las Flags que el equipo de Ka0labs oculta en distintos retos, en los que, aplicando técnicas como reversing, criptoanálisis o inyecciones de código permiten obtener la puntuación para cada reto.

Clara Villalba
Ackcent holds another Cyberlunch in Madrid

Another edition of Ackcent’s Cyberlunch took place recently in Madrid with the participation of Cylance , along with a number of CISOs and CIOs from companies operating in diverse business sectors. Cyberlunches are limited number get-togethers for executives in the cybersecurity sector where ideas can be exchanged in an intimate, relaxed atmosphere. The main topic of discussion at the lunch meeting was Cylance’s new roadmap for 2019. Cylance has a new Automated Remediation solution that is based on the automation of responses to anomalies and incidents.