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Clara Villalba
Ackcent assisteix als trainings de la Overdrive Conference de Girona

Ahir vam assistir a la Overdrive Conference, que va tenir lloc a l’Escola Politècnica Superior de la Universitat de Girona. El congrés, que consta d’una sèrie de conferències i altres activitats gratuïtes, pretén ser líder al camp de la ciberseguretat i el hacking a nivell nacional. La Overdrive Conference es va fundar per un grup d’estudiants de la Universitat de Girona, amb l’objectiu d’apropar-se a aquelles persones que estiguessin interessades en aquesta disciplina, ja fos a nivell professional o amateur.

Clara Villalba
New trends in the fight against cybercrime at the RSA Conference 2018

As we announced a few days ago, this week we attended the RSA Conference 2018 in San Francisco (USA). During the conference we attended a number of different security-related sessions, including keynotes on cryptography, in which the speakers tackled the past, present and future of cybersecurity. We also had the opportunity to attend a keynote on government security which featured a debate on the security strategies that the US government is implementing to protect its citizens and organizations from cybercrime.

Clara Villalba
Ackcent attends the International RSA Conference 2018 in San Francisco

At Ackcent, we are always striving to offer the best solutions on the market to our customers and we are committed to the continuous expansion of our partner portfolio. And that is why we are at the RSA Conference 2018, in San Francisco (USA) this week. The RSA Conference, which began in 1991 as a conference on cryptography, attracts over 50,000 attendees every year. The conference features a series of talks and seminars on security-related issues that are held throughout the year in a number of different places around the world, including the United States, Europe, Asia and the United Arab Emirates.