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First proactive behavioral analytics solution CylancePERSONA

First proactive behavioral analytics solution CylancePERSONA

First proactive behavioral analytics solution CylancePERSONA

Newest Addition to Leading Native AI Platform Provides Continuous User Authentication Across the Organization Using the Cylance Trust Score.

CylancePERSONA adds user monitoring to the company’s expansive defense of the enterprise and augments the AI-driven prevention, detection, and response capabilities of the Cylance native AI platform. This lightweight solution combines continuous biometric behavior and user conduct monitoring designed to identify suspicious users in real-time to prevent compromises.

Unlike other user monitoring solutions that rely on network traffic analysis or focus on detection without the ability to respond automatically, CylancePERSONA sensors are able to detect and score both malicious and anomalous conduct. CylancePERSONA monitors user activity and calculates a Cylance Trust Score

Key features of CylancePERSONA include:

  • Behavioral biometric analysis: Continuous monitoring of user behavior with real-time detection of suspicious keyboard and mouse actions that could indicate an imposter.
  • User conduct monitoring and analysis: Real-time monitoring of user actions with instant identification of anomalous user activity to indicate a possible remote account takeover.
  • Contextual authentication analysis: Making use of previous user login activity such as location, time or method to ensure current login attempts are valid.
  • Automated user-centric response: Ability to interrupt user activity automatically upon detection of anomalous or suspicious actions with responses such as user log off, suspended processes, and step-up authentication.
  • Malicious and anomalous conduct detection: Ability to reduce false positives using baseline user activity.
  • Cloud-based APIs: Enablement of zero-trust integration to third-party products using the Cylance Trust Score.

Ackcent has an strategic partnership with Cylance, first and main partner in Iberia awarded past year as the top partner in Southern Europe.

Our MDR service (Managed Cylance) provides best-in-class protection, detection and response using AI to identify and prevent widespread security incidents.

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