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Protect against the attacks of today. Prepare for the threats of tomorrow.

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Whether you are a large enterprise with specific needs or an SME with security gaps, we provide you with the necessary tools and resources to protect your business.


Deploy quickly

Customize insights

Monitor continuously

Periodical follow ups


Talk to Ackcent specialists to understand your business requirements, technical infrastructure, and security gaps so we can tailor our services. Get advice from a dedicated team of experts who will walk you through each phase.

Deploy quickly

Receive guidelines and technical support to integrate next-gen technology seamlessly with your existing infrastructure and get started immediately.

Customize insights

Access to personalized dashboards to visualize risk indicators, threat alerts, security KPIs, and policies compliance reports.

Monitor continuously

Defend your digital assets with our team of experts rapidly by following specialist remediation recommendations.

Periodical follow ups

Gain complete visibility and understanding of your risk and environment with our monthly analytics, reporting, and meetings to improve your cyber resilience.

Take action now

Whatever your cybersecurity challenges are, we help you focus on business outcomes rather than dealing with cybersecurity complexity.

The threat landscape is expanding with the volume and complexity of attack surface.

Manage suspicious activities

Get our team to monitor and detect known and emerging threats with market-leading AI-based technologies.


94% of security incidents fall in one of the original nine patterns*.


*Verizon: 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR)

Accelerate response capabilities

Count on us to block out known malicious patterns and respond quickly in case an incident occurs to avoid financial and reputational damages.

Lack of resources and tools on threat prioritization may be crucial for your digital resilience.

Improve security maturity

Receive actionable solutions, analytics, and recommendations to strengthen your security.

Protect around the clock

No matter where you are, take advantage of our fully remote service with our team of experts to monitor and respond to threats on a 24/7 basis.

Your security partner

Discover our portfolio of services and solutions to defend against digital threats and improve your security posture.



Boost your cyber resilience by identifying vulnerabilities, testing your defense mechanisms, and reducing threats.

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Detection and response

Protect your business, people, and processes by addressing and responding to digital threats with the necessary tools, resources, and human capital.

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Improve your organizational readiness by identifying, refining, and implementing cyber strategies.

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Be agile in detecting any malicious activity on your devices and react fast to cyber threats.

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Minimize the main external attack vectors and reduce risk around your business applications.

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Address the blind spots across your cloud environment to hunt and contain security threats.

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Discover network anomalies and accelerate your ability to respond to network security events.

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Our partners

"Ackcent is our partner in cyber intelligence, cyber resilience, surveillance, and cybersecurity governance on a continuous basis since 2017."

Vichy Catalan Corporation

Benito Cerrillo


“The human quality and proximity of the Ackcent team is the added value that nowadays any company needs. Trust in a partner of their worth to fight against cybercrime is a guarantee of success.”


Xavier Xaus

Corporate CyberSecurity Manager

"The Technical Security Office with Ackcent has helped us move from simply reacting to security incidents to preventing them."

Port of Barcelona

Cristian Medrano


“Ackcent's services provide us with a specialized team of 24x7 cybersecurity experts for the prevention and management of incidents, and help us in the management and operation of our security apps.”

Anticipa Real Estate & Aliseda Inmobiliaria

Juanjo Canals

Chief Information Security Officer

"Faced with the uncertainty of the new times, the basic pillars on which to support us are trust, flexibility, and honesty. The adoption of these values is also a requirement for my partners."


David Urbano

Cybersecurity Manager

"In an increasingly interconnected world, Ackcent and its professionals, together with their commitment, experience, and innovation, help us control and manage our cybersecurity and its risks."

Mahou San Miguel

David Elvira


"Our goal has been to overcome different challenges effectively and elegantly, by applying various regulatory and technical approaches to public cloud security where systems are short-lived and the traditional strategy loses much of its traction."


Julio Gómez

Cloud and Cybersecurity Manager

“Feeling this cybersecurity team with us, providing proximity and peace of mind due to their professionalism, lets us focus on our thing, our business.”


Ricard Marí­

Chief Information Officer

"We chose Ackcent as our exclusive IT Security Partner 4 years ago; their experience and focus in this strategic subject for our company were key factors for the choice. Security is not a nightmare any more at Mutual Mèdica!"

Mututal Médica

Roger de Ramon

Chief Information Officer

"We trust Ackcent to assist us in the increasingly complex task of controlling and managing our cybersecurity risks. Ackcent stands out among our partners for its flexibility, proximity and specialization."


Antonio Gómez-Escalonilla


“The security concept is intrinsic to MGS as an insurance company and we require our partners our same values: commitment, closeness, and quality. For this reason, Ackcent is collaborating with us since 2015 to improve the control and mitigation of cyber risks.”

MGS Seguros

Silvia Monleón


"I find the Ackcent SOC analysts and technicians very knowledgeable. We rarely get things escalated to us that I feel that should have dealt with. It's a pretty good relationship".


Gerardo López

IT Service Manager

“Managing cyber risks is hard, it requires a lot of knowledge, dedication, team, proactive vision and, above all, fast response. We choose Ackcent not based on demos and words, but on specific facts that allow us to continue our activity. Having them as fellow traveler gives us calmness and confidence to focus on providing value to our patients and above all assuring them that their data is in good hands.”


Mihai Maximenco

IT Director

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