Ackcent has its own methodology for the assessment of secure codes, resulting from the experience acquired in the development of secure projects during recent years. This methodology has been developed to facilitate S-SDLC integration throughout the different phases of the software development life cycle. .

Ackcent’s S-SDLC security solutions exploit our Red Team’s advanced ethical hacking skills, and tools that are the best rated by Gartner for the security assessment of applications in their assessment of tools for the assessment of code.

Seguridad informatica

Ackcent’s S-SDLC solutions are designed to provide S-SDLC services in both on-premise and as-a-service modes, with outstanding functionalities such as:

  • Incremental scans that analyse only new or modified code.
  • Rules tailored to fit the criteria of each business and even each individual application.
  • The integration of security tools in different S-SDLC points.
  • Solutions and support for both waterfall model S-SDLC and S-SDLC Agile.
  • Personalization and automation of reporting and ticketing tools.
  • DA dashboard design that facilitates decision taking with high level information on the global status of projects.
  • Specialized training: designed for developers and integrated within our security solutions.