End Point

Ackcent’s End Point solutions, which employ the world’s best practices and leading technologies, are focused on the development, delivery and maintenance of the recurring services that are necessary to guarantee the security of users’ end points.

Ackcent’s End Point solutions offer clients the following capabilities:

  • The detection of security incidents through the monitoring and supervision of activities, policy breaches and the validation of compromise indicators at the level of end users’ terminals.
  • The contention of incidents at endpoints so that network traffic and the execution of the process can be controlled remotely.
  • Investigation of security incidents by analyzing, through a historical timeline, all user terminal events to determine the technical changes that have occurred (at file, registry, network and execution levels) and their business effect (escalation of privileges, propagation, exfiltration, geolocation of commands and controls and adversary attribution if possible).
  • Remediation of the terminals and their return to a pre-infected state.