Email Security

Because email is used as a mechanism for exchanging information and is easily accessed by users, it is the ideal medium for the propagation of malicious software, which is known as malware.

That is why Ackcent offers solutions for the monitoring of email security on a 24/7 basis.
Ackcent’s email protection solutions provide tools for protection against attack via incoming and outgoing email. Concretely, our solution offers:

  • Multilayer prevention and scanning for blocking threats, malicious content and malware. To that end, we combine signature detection for known threats with dynamic analysis for unknown threats, enabling mail connections to be filtered.
  • Protection against non-malware threats, such as phishing for credentials and fraudulent emails, also known as Business Email Compromise or CEO Fraud.
  • Granular control and filtering, and the creation of global policies, at both group and user levels.
  • Business Continuity by providing a backup platform for service failures in the main mail platform.
  • Traceability of messages through advanced searches at the log level.