In matters of cybersecurity, people can be one of an organization’s most robust defences or, on the contrary, one of its weakest. People-centric Ackcent security solutions aim to increase awareness of cybersecurity and influence end-user behaviour to improve cybersecurity management.

Because people play an undeniably important role in global security and risk management, Ackcent designs customized security solutions suited to the maturity of each customer in order to improve the training of its users.

Ackcent’s cybersecurity training and education solutions are in line with the best practices in the sector and organize activities in the form of educational programs which, at the organizational level, take into account:

  • The development status of an organization’s IT security policies and their degree of maturity.
  • The information provided to users in relation to their IT security responsibilities.
  • The setting-up of processes for monitoring and reviewing the effectiveness of those programmes.

Ackcent is an authorized reseller of the best international sensitization tools, backed by more than 15 years experience in the design of educational programs based on of the needs of each client.