Our security solutions combine Ackcent services with the products in the sector that offer the highest technical performance.

The speed at which the new technologies are evolving, together with the complexity of new cybersecurity threats, make the cybersecurity market an extremely dynamic one in terms of providers of new technologies and services.

The security solutions offered by Ackcent make up a modality of service provisioning in which Ackcent combines its own services with the products that offer the best results in the sector in each of the categories in which Ackcent offers solutions.

Ackcent’s cybersecurity solutions are specifically designed to provide its clients with:

  • Agility: in the field of cybersecurity, agility is a prerequisite. For that reason, the solutions proposed by Ackcent are designed to be flexible and able to adapt to the speed required by digital transformation.
  • Access to the best practices in the sector: immediate access to the knowledge arising from the most important international trad fairs.
  • Extensive experience in vertical markets: Ackcent possesses deep knowledge of different verticals and can tailor solutions to different risk profiles in sectors such as the public sector, healthcare, TIC, financial institutions and critical infrastructure.
  • Capability and competence in risk management: immediate access to the know-how and know-who resulting from our professionals’ 15 years of experience in cybersecurity, thereby enhancing our clients’ internal capabilities.
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Security of information hosted in the cloud

Icon Wi-Fi

End Point

Security in the connection of computer devices to the corporate network

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Security in the software development lifecycle

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Information security and alert management

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Email SEC

Information security and alert management

Icon People

People Centric

People-centered security

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Security applied to a DevOps environment

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