Technical Security Office TSO – NO VALIDA

The objective of Ackcent’s Technical Security Office is to provide our clients with integrated support, including everything from the formulation of strategies and the development of security regulations and policies to their implementation in an organised, structured way that is oriented to obtaining results through the application of internationally recognised best practices.
Generally speaking, the services offered by our TSO include:

  • The formulation of cybersecurity strategies.
  • The definition of guidelines.
  • The development and implementation of security policies and procedures.
  • Security audits and periodic assessments of applications and systems and their configurations.
  • The realization of cybersecurity technology implementation projects.
  • Following up actions taken for the resolution of detected weaknesses.
  • Technical support for migration projects and/or the implementation of new services and infrastructures.
  • Personnel security measures (technical training, awareness, simulations, etc.).
  • Monitoring of critical information, alert detection and incident management.

Security Architecture

CISO on demand

Security Governance

Security Architecture

Security architecture services help businesses to design cybersecurity strategies and select competitive solutions for the protection of their digital assets from advanced threats.

Ackcent assesses clients on the design and deployment of security architecture depending on their degree of cybersecurity maturity. At the technical level, Ackcent classifies every element of security architecture internally as:

  • Preventive: elements implemented to prevent security incidents and attacks.
  • Detection: elements designed to identify the attacks that have been able to elude the measures incorporated in the design of the elements of preventative architecture.
  • Incident assessment and response: elements designed to investigate and resolve the problems uncovered by detection activities.
  • Predictive: architectural elements that allow organizations to learn of security incidents through continuous monitoring with the aim of proactively anticipating new types of attack.

Technical Support

Ackcent our support offers permanent, 24/7 technical support, offering its clients technical coverage and guaranteeing our support for the resolution of doubts, consultations and the adjustments needed relating to:

  • New technologies appearing in the cybersecurity market..
  • Analysis of the information provided by the security tools installed on the client’s system.
  • Analysis of the applicability of new solutions and services appearing in the market.
  • Proposals for changes or improvements resulting from the above-mentioned points.
  • Joint assessments, discussions and work carried out with the client on improvements under consideration for maturity in security.
  • Specialised knowledge transfer relating to vulnerabilities, intelligence on threats, incident analyses and forensic analyses.

Functional support

Ackcent puts its extensive experience in the provision of consulting services and the implementation of security procedures and policies at the disposal of its clients in relation to the definition and implementation of:

  • Security policies.
  • Information Security Management Systems (ISMS).
  • Control systems (KPIs, registers, etc.).
  • Organisational security structures (internal personnel, OTS, third parties, etc.).
  • Training programs in information security issues, including the definition and implementation of specific training (phishing simulations, technical training, awareness sessions, etc.).

CISO on Demand

Ackcent offers the specialised managerial support of an expert team who accompany the client in the management of cybersecurity from a strategic perspective.

This service is mainly focused on offering consulting functions for the analysis and proposal of improvements in strategic planning for cybersecurity and guidance throughout the implementation phase.

At the service provision level, Ackcent groups its Ciso on Demand consulting services on two levels:

  • At the strategic level: guidance in the governance and strategic management of risks:
    • Managerial guidance.
    • Proposal for improvements in cybersecurity planning.
    • Continuous support in risk management.
  • At the tactical level: technical guidance in cybersecurity projects:
    • Technical guidance.
    • Supervision of the quality of on-going projects.
    • Analysis of the technical viability of solutions and new technologies.

Security governance

Efficient and effective security governance and management in business environments require a holistic approach that takes into account the different components that interact with each other.

Our security governance services are designed to provide guidance to our clients to enable them to achieve the objectives they have set at the strategic level, concretely in relation to:

  • Working principles, policies and frameworks.
  • Processes.
  • Organizational structure.
  • Culture, ethics and behaviour.
  • Information.
  • Services, infrastructure and applications.
  • People, skills and competences.

Cybersecurity plans

Cybersecurity plans design, execute and supervise the organization’s practices, projects and capabilities, which in turn control, protect and improve data and asset security, in line with the strategic direction defined by the organizations governing organs in matters of cybersecurity.

Ackcent offers consultancy services for the definition and design of cybersecurity plans oriented to guiding clients in the definition and implementation of:

  • Security policies.
  • Information Security Management Systems (ISMS).
  • Security and control mechanisms (KPIs, registers, etc.).
  • Organizational structures in the area of security (internal personnel, OTS, third parties, etc.).