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Device security

Devices are becoming the new perimeter

Be agile in detecting any malicious activity on your devices. React fast to cyber threats. Miss nothing.

How it works

Monitor key suspicious device activity and provide security analysts with the necessary information to conduct both reactive and proactive threat investigations. Identify behavior with rules using Machine Learning, access a pool of cybersecurity experts, and use custom and curated behavior rules running on devices.


Proactive AI-based protection of cyber threats, security alerts, and indicators of compromise.


Advanced threat intelligence and detection of malicious activity and investigation.


Fast response to incidents and access to experts 24/7.

Complete Device Solutions

Gain visibility across all your devices, detect and prevent incidents 24/7, and manage threat detection in real time.

Endpoint Detection and Response Services

Continuous monitoring and triage of endpoint security events.

Mobile Security

Continuous threat monitoring and response of mobile devices.

Device Alert Monitoring

Collecting and monitoring of cybersecurity alerts to detect suspicious activities on devices.

Device Alert Investigation

Analysis of device security events to investigate potential incidents.

Incident Notification

Incident notifications with actionable response procedures and plans.

Incident Response

Tailored support for incident response and remediation 24x7x365.

Sample Analysis

Analysis of security malicious samples and security artifacts.

Threat Hunting

Analyst-centric services to detect hidden advanced threats.

Intelligence Integration

Integration of evidence-based knowledge about existing or emerging threats to protect digital assets.


Work seamlessly anytime, anywhere. Protect all your devices.

Reduce risk uncertainty with full-spectrum incident prevention, detection, and incident response.

Improve your device security efficiency.

Have access to cybersecurity experts for incident response.

Customize fast response actions to minimize the risk of a widespread incident.

Proactively search data for suspicious/malicious activity to uncover hidden threats.

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Industry recognition

Ackcent, the leading provider of MDR services
  • Hype cycle for managed detection and response
  • Hype cycle for security operations
  • Hype cycle for medium-sized companies
  • Hype cycle for managed IT services
Ackcent ranks first in Quality Perception

Ackcent recognized as a representative vendor in Gartner's Market Guide for Managed #Detection and #Response Services. With sustained growth above the industry average over the last three years, #Ackcent is consolidating its position in detection and response services on an international scale


Market Guide

“Highly specialized company in cybersecurity, thanks to the extensive technical knowledge of its engineers, which translates into a high perceived quality by its clients. Given the company's clear commitment to cloud architectures since its foundation, it provides added value in the market. The strategic plan continues to focus on growth and international expansion”.


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