Cybersecurity management at Vichy Catalan

Discover our new case study about the implementation of CylancePROTECT and CylanceOPTICS solutions at Vichy Catalan, food, mineral waters and hospitality-spa company.

In the report, Cylance stands out for its high protection level against new threats like ransomware with maximum prevention and for reducing the time spent on alert and incident management by the client.

Download here the full report.

New Penteo Cybersecurity Universe

Penteo, independent IT analyst, who leads the largest IT Knowledge Community in Spain, has released a new Cybersecurity Universe.

The report positions Ackcent as the highest quality Cybersecurity service provider, national and international, standing out especially in the Cyber threat Intelligence and 24/7 managed security field.

Download the full report here.

Two- factor authentication security, by Duo Security

Duo Security’s solution verifies users’ identities and the health of their devices before they connect to applications, offering secure access through the world’s most advanced multifactor authentication service.

Ackcent Cybersecurity is Duo Security’s strategic partner in Spain and offers, as part of its security portfolio, this multifactor authentication (MFA) solution that is a leader in push technology, which guarantees easy and efficient use.

Download the Duo Security solution guide here.

How to identify a phishing email?

Phishing attacks have become so sophisticated and highly targeted that they can be very hard to detect if we are not properly trained.

Click here to check out our 6 tips on how to identify a phishing email.

Cybersecurity management at Anticipa

Discover our new case study about the implementation of our Cylance’s Endpoint solution, at Anticipa, real estate management and services company.

In the report, Cylance stands out for its high protection level against new threats and for the transparency it offers to the user.

Download here the full report.

How to protect yourself from ransomware?

Ransomware attacks have grown exponentially in the last years. Experts attribute this growth to the negligence of people when they click on phishing emails and infected ads.

Download here the Ackcent Cybersecurity basic guide, where we explain the best practices that a company can do to protect itself against a possible attack.

Cybersecurity management at Port de Barcelona

Penteo introduces a new report on the cybersecurity management at Port de Barcelona, by Ackcent Cybersecurity.

The report analyzes the case study of the initial audit plan and ethical hacking, as well as the assessments derived from the evaluation of the data provided by Ackcent and Port de Barcelona.

Download here the full report.

Logos Port de Barcelona

Penteo Universe Cybersecurity tool in Spain

At Ackcent we want to share with you the latest Penteo Universe cybersecurity tool. Penteo is a firm of independent TIC analysts who provide information on the latest trends in the TIC market and expert support for the technological management of organizations.

Ackcent stands out in the Penteo report on cybersecurity providers as the only firm in their market study that is specialised exclusively in providing cybersecurity services and solutions, which reflects our recognised experience and expertise in this field.