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Octavi Allué
4 steps to manage cybersecurity incidents

We understand cybersecurity incidents as any event that can harm a system’s confidentiality, integrity or availability. Cyberattacks are becoming more frequent and powerful, and what we observe is that companies are becoming primarily concerned with understanding how to react when said attacks occur. But this approach might not be the best. The breaches take place when a threat can exploit a system through its vulnerabilities or lack of safeguards. Thus, a combined effort of prevention, monitoring, detection and response can help us better protect our organizations.

David Riff
Basics- Linux Events Logging

In this post we will cover the basics of Event Logging in Linux systems. We will talk about Syslog: Message structure, the most famous implementations and main configurations. We will also play with the inner workings of Linux logging using UNIX sockets, logger and syslog services. Let’s get to it! What is Syslog? Syslog is a standard (RFC5424) used for log management. This management can be local or remote. Do not confuse syslog standard with syslog applications like Syslog-ng, Rsyslog, Nxlog… In some of the most famous Linux distros like Ubuntu, Debian or Fedora, Rsyslog is installed by default.

Clara Villalba
Ackcent presenta su Next Generation SOC en La Pedrera

Ayer por la noche, presentamos el Next Generation SOC de Ackcent en la sala Gaudí de la Pedrera, con la participación de Sumo Logic. Lluís Vera, CEO de Ackcent, dio la bienvenida al evento e introdujo la sesión hablando de los riesgos a los que están expuestas las empresas hoy en día en un entorno digital. A continuación, Mingo Olmos, CSO de Ackcent, habló sobre el panorama de los centros de operaciones de ciberseguridad dentro del mercado IT y, en concreto, presentó el SOC de Ackcent con la última tecnología de nuestro partner Sumo Logic.