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Application security

Manage the risk around your business software

Minimize the main external attack vectors in the digital era. Reduce the threats affecting your business applications.

How it works

Combine the best software scanning tools with skilled security specialists to detect software vulnerabilities of your business applications. Improve current development practices and Software Development Life Cycles (SDLC) from personalized solutions customized to specific business applications needs.


Scan applications to find vulnerabilities that can be easily exploited by a potential attacker.


Manually check and validate test results to reduce false positives helping to remediate vulnerabilities in application code.


Improve software environment to design, implement, and run effective application security practices.

Complete Application Solutions

Spot potential threats, address security challenges, and strengthen software development and application architecture.

Web Application Assessments

Discover vulnerabilities in your web application environment and remediate them through actionable recommendations.

Web Application Pentesting

Test your web application to discover security flaws and weaknesses.

Mobile Application Assessments

Find vulnerabilities in your mobile applications and remediate them through actionable recommendations.

Cloud Applications Security Assessments

Test your cloud security controls to evaluate their effectiveness.

API Security Assessments

Understand and mitigate vulnerabilities in your API architecture environment.

Secure Code Reviews

Identify and fix vulnerabilities in your source codes and business applications.

AppSec Security Programs

Get advice to develop SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) frameworks personalized to your specific needs.


Build and deploy securely. Keep your applications running smoothly.

Have access to an extensive knowledge and experienced security team in application security.

Improve your application environment, tools, and processes.

Get the most of the leading software scanning tool vendors.

Remediate vulnerabilities on applications and software for systems on the web, in the cloud, and on-premise.

Get a clear understanding of tools and processes to design a comprehensive and effective AppSec program.

Our services

Threat actors exploit application vulnerabilities. Discover our services to fix the blind spots and restore performance.


Boost your cyber resilience by identifying vulnerabilities, testing your defense mechanisms, and reducing threats.

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Detection and response

Protect your business, people, and processes by addressing and responding to digital threats with the necessary tools, resources, and human capital.

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Improve your organizational readiness by identifying, refining, and implementing cyber strategies.

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“Feeling this cybersecurity team with us, providing proximity and peace of mind due to their professionalism, lets us focus on our thing, our business.”


Ricard Marí­

Chief Information Officer

“The human quality and proximity of the Ackcent team is the added value that nowadays any company needs. Trust in a partner of their worth to fight against cybercrime is a guarantee of success.”


Xavier Xaus

Corporate CyberSecurity Manager

“Ackcent's services provide us with a specialized team of 24x7 cybersecurity experts for the prevention and management of incidents, and help us in the management and operation of our security apps.”

Anticipa Real Estate & Aliseda Inmobiliaria

Juanjo Canals

Chief Information Security Officer

"Our goal has been to overcome different challenges effectively and elegantly, by applying various regulatory and technical approaches to public cloud security where systems are short-lived and the traditional strategy loses much of its traction."


Julio Gómez

Cloud and Cybersecurity Manager

"We trust Ackcent to assist us in the increasingly complex task of controlling and managing our cybersecurity risks. Ackcent stands out among our partners for its flexibility, proximity and specialization."


Antonio Gómez-Escalonilla


"The Technical Security Office with Ackcent has helped us move from simply reacting to security incidents to preventing them."

Port of Barcelona

Cristian Medrano


“The security concept is intrinsic to MGS as an insurance company and we require our partners our same values: commitment, closeness, and quality. For this reason, Ackcent is collaborating with us since 2015 to improve the control and mitigation of cyber risks.”

MGS Seguros

Silvia Monleón


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